A Letter from the Founder: Welcome to Elder Protection Center

A Letter from the Founder: Welcome to Elder Protection Center

Today is a special day for those in their golden years!  If you have loved ones or parents who are aging, today is even more special because we are launching an all new resource for the elderly – www.elderprotectioncenter.com.  It is my hope that you and your family will benefit from the website’s many tips to prevent common problems that unfortunately may occur in your later years.  If you know of loved ones or if you work with the elderly closely, I am very proud to announce the launch of the Elder Protection Center – Today.

After many years defending corporate owners of nursing homes, I decided I would rather help protect those who cannot protect themselves… To do so, I felt we needed an extensive online resource to help the daughters and sons of our parents, our loved ones, find out what to do if someone they love is abused or neglected. More importantly, I want to help everyone learn how to prevent such abuse or neglect from occurring in the first place.

The Elder Protection Center is all new at elderprotectioncenter.com. It provides valuable information about a variety of issues facing our aging population.  You will find Tips and Resources about different types of long term care as well as helpful information about what to look out for when selecting a nursing home or residential care facility, and tips on what to do after entering a nursing home.  Learn how to spot the many scams predators use to target seniors.  Check out our tips to prevent identify theft, understand important legal documents every senior should have and more, all in one great resource.

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Please join us as we celebrate the launch of the Elder Protection Center, our all new resource, at elderprotectioncenter.com.

Ray Lewis
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