Types of Financial Elder Abuse

Telemarketing Fraud & Scams

Telemarketing Fraud & Scams

Every year, thousands of people lose money to telephone scams.  Scammers will say anything to cheat you out of money.   The types of telemarketing scams are limited only by the ingenuity of the crooks out there perpetrating the fraud.   Fast-talking predators use high pressure sales techniques and emotional ploys to overcome an elder’s initial resistance.  They may tell you they represent an important charity that in reality is bogus.  They may tell you that you were selected specially for an offer or you’ll get a free bonus if you buy their product.

If you get a call from someone you don’t know who is trying to sell you something you hadn’t planned to buy, say “No thanks.”  And, if they pressure you about giving up personal information-like your credit card or social security number-it’s likely a scam.  Hang up and report it to the Federal Trade Commission.

To help reduce unsolicited and annoying telephone calls, register your home and mobile phones with the National Do Not Call Registry. This won’t stop all calls but it will stop most.

Tips for Avoiding Telemarketing Fraud How Professional Predators Target Seniors

At Elder Protection Center we’re here to take immediate action to protect victims of financial elder abuse. If you suspect someone you love has been taken advantage of by a telemarketer or if you have questions regarding their mistreatment – Call Us Now.

At Elder Protection Center, Protect the People You Love is our number one priority. We’d love to hear from you. Elder Protection Center is standing by for you and your loved ones – Today.

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