Types of Financial Elder Abuse



Theft is by far the most common type of financial elder abuse.  Anyone with access to your home has access to your property.  It may be cash, jewelry, silverware, art, rare coins, computer and other electronic devices, tools, clothing, handbags and a multitude of other household items.  Essentially, anything of value can and will catch the eye of a thief.

To reduce the risk of theft from a caregiver, make sure you carefully select the caregiver.  Ask caregiver to provide referrals.   Don’t just rely on calling the referrals.  Make sure they are legitimate.  When you find a caregiver you like, conduct a background check.  There are many reputable companies that can do that for a reasonable fee.  Keep in mind, there is no current law requiring mandatory background checks for in-home caregivers in California.

Jewelry is the number one item that is stolen from homes occupied by elders.  Photograph valuable items and keep it in a locked drawer.  In the event of theft, pictures are helpful in tracking down stolen jewelry at pawn shops.  It also helps with insurance claims.

10 Tips to Protect Against Financial Elder Abuse How Professional Predators Target Seniors


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