Types of Elder Abuse & Neglect

Early Wrongful Death

Early Wrongful Death

Elder abuse & neglect often results in the decline of an underlying medical condition or creates a new condition that leads to decline and death.

When elder abuse or neglect occurs it typically places an already vulnerable and medically fragile person on a downward trajectory. For example, many elders may need short term nursing care to resolve a urinary tract infection or get physical and occupational therapy to overcome generalized weakness from an illness like pneumonia.

Often times the elder is a little confused, not oriented to the new environment and is unable to call out for help or ask for assistance in getting out of bed to use the bathroom. Many have poor safety awareness and have unsteady gait.

This very common situation calls for extra care and monitoring of the elder to ensure he or she does not get out of bed without assistance. Bed and chair alarms are devices that can alert staff to a potentially dangerous situation if the elder attempts to go at it alone.

If the facility fails to have sufficient staff to meet the needs of its residents, the elder may fall and break a hip or suffer a significant head injury. These types of injuries more often than not lead to all sorts of problems including a premature death.

Other sorts of acquired injuries include the formation of bedsores which develop into large open areas typically at the coccyx, sacral area or heels. These preventable injuries expose open tissue, sometimes to the bone, that create pathways for pathogens, leaving the elder with sepsis and result in early death.

In almost all of these cases, the injuries were preventable if the appropriate level and quality of care is provided.

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