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Keeping Your Parent Safe at Home

Safety doesn’t happen by accident. It’s smart to be proactive by preventing falls or other injuries that can occur at home. Small changes as simple as removing clutter, adding lighting to key areas or using balancing aids can increase your parent’s safety and security, helping them maintain an independent lifestyle, and more importantly, remain in their own home. We’ve done a little research to identify safety devices and some pretty cool technology to help protect your loved one at home.

Senior Care Products

Bathroom & Bathing

Products to assist and protect seniors in the bathroom and while bathing. These include bathtub lifts, toilet risers, shower chairs, walk in bath tubs and more. These products not only help keep your loved ones save, but also allow them to maintain their independence and dignity.

Bathroom & Bathing Products


Bedroom & Sleeping

Products to assist and protect seniors getting in and out of bed as well as protecting bed bound seniors from reducing the risk of developing a bed sore.

Bathroom & Bathing Products


Home & Household

A variety of products for the home to help reduce the risk of injury from falling and enhance mobility. These include position chair lifts, electric power stair lifts, wheelchair ramps, support stools and more.

Home & Household Products


Medical Alerts, Video & Sound Monitoring Systems

Products to protect seniors by various monitoring systems and medical alert programs designed to summon emergency responders if needed.

Medical Alert Systems Products


Mobility & Power Scooters

Products designed to increase mobility around the house, outdoors or traveling by car. These products help seniors maintain their independence and dignity.

Mobility Products



Security, Safety & Falls

Products to make sure your loved ones stay safe in their home. Products include: personal monitors, medical alert systems, exit alarms, motion detectors, no-slip mats and more.

Security, Safety & Falls Products


Cool Aging Parent Gadgets

A variety of household gadgets and technology to keep your aging loved safe and comfortable at home. These include safe cooking systems, robotic vacuum cleaners, big number remote controls and telephones, automatic pill dispensers and more.

Cool Gadgets Products