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Protect the People You Love.

Elder Protection Center

The measure of a civilization is how well it treats its most vulnerable members.

The elderly are an invaluable part of our society. Their love, hard work and sacrifice are why we have become the people and great nation we are today. We each look forward to our golden years. How will you be treated?

At Elder Protection Center we’re here to help you and the ones you love navigate the complexities and concerns that often come with aging. Our number one priority is helping you protect your loved ones from physical or financial elder abuse. If you suspect someone you love is a victim of elder abuse or neglect or if you have questions regarding their mistreatment – Call Us Now.

(Please Note – Elder Protection Center is not a government agency.)

See our Tips and Resources about how to spot elder abuse and protect against it.

We also provide countless other tips focused on keeping you or your loved ones protected. Can’t find it on our site? Let us know. We’d love to hear from you.

Elder Protection Center strives to provide you with valuable information about a variety of issues facing our aging population. Our Tips and Resources show you different types of long term care and provides helpful tips on what to look out for.  Check out the many safety devices and technology to make your home safer, understand important legal documents and more, all in one great resource.

At Elder Protection Center, Protect the People You Love  is our number one priority. You are not alone. If you or your loved one has been the victim of elder abuse, I can help you. I’m San Diego elder abuse attorney Ramon E. Lewis. My practice focuses exclusively on helping families and victims of elder physical neglect & abuse, elder financial abuse, medical malpractice, personal injury and wrongful death cases throughout Southern California.

As things constantly change in our society, scammers have learned to adapt and change the ways they target people. Attorney Ray Lewis discussed elder abuse and new scams to be aware of amid the coronavirus pandemic on KUSI News.

Protect the People You Love

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