Types of Physical Elder Abuse & Neglect

Physical Abuse

Physical Elder Abuse

Physical abuse is the use of physical force that may result in bodily injury, physical pain, or impairment. Physical abuse may include inappropriate use of drugs and physical restraints. Other types of physical abuse include confinement, isolation, force-feeding, sexual assault and physical punishment of any kind.

Elder abuse can be both criminal and civil.

Criminal elder abuse occurs where any person who knows that a person is an elder and willfully causes or permits any elder to suffer, or inflicts unjustifiable physical pain or mental suffering on the elder. It also covers situations where a person willfully causes or permits the elder to be placed in a situation in which elder’s health is endangered. (CA Penal Code Section 368)

At Elder Protection Center we’re here to take immediate action to protect victims of financial elder abuse. If you suspect someone you love is a victim of physical abuse or if you have questions regarding their mistreatment – Call Us Now.

At Elder Protection Center, Protect the People You Love is our number one priority. We’d love to hear from you. Elder Protection Center is standing by for you and your loved ones – Today.

Tips to Protect Against Physical Elder Abuse & Neglect

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