Types of Financial Elder Abuse

Identity Theft

Identity Theft

Each year, millions of Americans discovery that a criminal has fraudulently used their personal information to obtain goods or services and that they have become victims of identity theft.  Under federal law, identity theft occurs when someone uses or attempts to use the sensitive personal information of another person to commit fraud.

A wide range of sensitive personal information can be used to commit identity theft, including a person’s name, address, date of birth, social security number, driver’s license number, credit card and bank account numbers and phone numbers.

The most common from of identify theft involves the fraudulent use of a victim’s personal information for financial gain.  The two main types of such financial frauds involve (1) using the victim’s existing credit, bank or other accounts; and (2) opening new accounts in the victims name.

10 Tips to Avoid Identity Theft

How Professional Predators Target Seniors
At Elder Protection Center we’re here to take immediate action to protect victims of financial elder abuse. If you suspect someone you love is a victim of identity theft or if you have questions regarding their mistreatment – Call Us Now.

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