Tips on Selecting a Nursing Home

Tips on Selecting a Nursing Home

  1. Look at Survey Results

    Look at survey results from the state licensing agency that shows the facility’s history with regulatory compliance or noncompliance. (This is public data)

  2. Check Court Records

    Check court records to determine if the facility been sued for neglect.

  3. Check Online

    Conduct on line research regarding the Medicare’s nursing home compare website that ranks nursing homes from best to worst.

  4. Take a Tour

    Take an on-site tour of facility. Your senses of smell, sound and sight are great common sense predictors of quality.

  5. Meet the Staff

    Meet and interview staff and administrator.

  6. Ask Questions

    Ask about staffing levels, activities and resident opinion surveys, family member opinion surveys, read resident & family council minutes.

  7. Language Barriers?

    Make sure the facility is able to clearly communicate in the elder’s first language.

  8. Care Barriers?

    If it is important that the senior is seen by his or her own personal physician, confirm that he or she can see resident at facility? If not, meet facility medical director and research his/her background.

  9. Don’t Make a Quick Decision

    Take the admission agreement home and read it carefully to see what services are included in the base price, as opposed to extra costs.


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