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6 Great Reasons for Assisted Living

6 Great Reasons for Assisted Living

Assisted living communities provide 24-hour access to personal care, as well as nutrition and wellness services designed specifically for older adults. Seniors can enjoy social contact, security and support while still maintaining their independence. Assisted living is a great intermediate step for seniors who need more help than the family can provide at home, but who don’t need the round-the-clock medical care of a nursing facility. Read on for six great reasons to consider assisted living for your loved one.

  1. A Safe Living Environment

    Assisted living facilities are specifically designed to accommodate aging seniors to facilitate mobility and avoid falls. They have shower railings, call buttons, wheel chair accessible areas, to name a few. Equally important, there is generally 24-hour security with staff on hand at all times. Depending on the level of need, staff can periodically check on the senior throughout the day and evening. Staff can also make sure the senior does not become isolated and withdrawn.

  2. Help with Activities of Daily Living

    “Assisted” living means just that – Assistance. Most places offer services to help with all activities of daily living (ADLs) such as bathing, dressing, and eating. They are staffed with individuals trained to help older adults with these ADLs so that they can continue to function as independently as possible.

  3. Three Square Meals a Day

    Assisted living facilities have a kitchen staff trained to create well balanced meals with an eye towards variety and proper nutrition. Seniors living alone at home don’t always have the desire to prepare meals that include the various food groups. In assisted living, residents are served three meals a day tailored to the changing health needs of older adults. Some luxury communities even offer gourmet dining!

  4. Access to Physical Activity and Fitness

    Modern assisted living facilities offer the latest in gym equipment and group exercise classes like water aerobics, yoga and Zumba classes. Find a facility with personal trainers that are trained to meet the basic fitness and range of motion needs of older adults, all under one roof.

  5. Lots of Social Activities and Intellectual Stimulation

    In assisted living, residents can easily socialize with peers, not only in common areas but also through planned, structured activities like field trips, dancing, and cultural events. Among the various activities that assisted living communities provide are plenty of chances for lifelong learning, from computer classes to book clubs to art classes. Many facilities even offer guest lectures from visiting scholars and professionals.

  6. Housekeeping and Transportation: All Taken Care Of

    In assisted living communities, housekeeping is usually included in the monthly cost, thus relieving the senior and his or her loved ones from the burden of laundry, dish washing, household cleaning and upkeep. Many facilities also offer transportation services to medical appointments, pharmacies, shopping malls, libraries and other places.

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Protect the People You Love is our number one priority. We’d love to hear from you. Elder Protection Center is standing by for you and your loved ones – Today.
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