Elder Care

Short & Long-Term Living Arrangements for the Elderly

  • Nursing Home Check List

     Nursing Home Check List

    Use the Nursing Home Checklist when you visit a nursing home. Take a copy of the Nursing Home Checklist with you when you visit to ask questions about resident life, nursing home living spaces, staff, residents’ rooms, hallways, stairs, lounges, bathrooms, menus and food, activities, safety and care. Basic Information Is the nursing home Medicare-Certified?…

  • Assisted Living Checklist

     Assisted Living Checklist

    Quality of Care and Service Do residents appear well cared for? Are residents up, clean, and dressed by 10 AM? Are the residents well groomed, e.g., (shaved, clean clothes, nails trimmed and hair done)? Is there a written plan of care for each resident? How often is the care plan reviewed and changed? By whom?…

  • Nursing Home vs. Assisted Living

     Nursing Home vs. Assisted Living

    Understanding the difference between skilled nursing care and assisted living can be confusing. A skilled nursing facility may be needed if your family member requires: around-the-clock nursing care, medical treatments, IV medications and a level of care just short of a hospital. A nursing home provides, assistance with meals, personal hygiene, medications and more help than the…

  • Tips When Selecting a Short or Long Term Living Arrangement

     Tips When Selecting a Short or Long Term Living Arrangement

    Carefully Select Caregiver Ask caregiver to provide referrals. Don’t just rely on calling the referrals. Make sure they are legitimate. Offer to buy him or her a cup of coffee so you can meet and evaluate them. When you find a caregiver you like, conduct a background check. There are many reputable companies that can…

  • Types of Care Arrangements for the Elderly

     Types of Care Arrangements for the Elderly

    Short & Long-Term Living Arrangements for the Elderly Home Health Care Home health care is probably the first choice for most people.  With home health care the senior  contracts with a licensed or unlicensed care giver to provide supportive services at home on an intermittent basis or 24 hours a day, depending on specific needs. …

  • Tips on Selecting a Nursing Home

     Tips on Selecting a Nursing Home

    Look at Survey Results Look at survey results from the state licensing agency that shows the facility’s history with regulatory compliance or noncompliance. (This is public data) Check Court Records Check court records to determine if the facility been sued for neglect. Check Online Conduct on line research regarding the Medicare’s nursing home compare website…

  • 6 Great Reasons for Assisted Living

     6 Great Reasons for Assisted Living

    Assisted living communities provide 24-hour access to personal care, as well as nutrition and wellness services designed specifically for older adults. Seniors can enjoy social contact, security and support while still maintaining their independence. Assisted living is a great intermediate step for seniors who need more help than the family can provide at home, but…

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