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Keeping Your Parent Safe at Home

Safety doesn’t happen by accident. It’s smart to be proactive by preventing falls or other injuries that can occur at home. Small changes as simple as removing clutter, adding lighting to key areas or using balancing aids can increase your parent’s safety and security, helping them maintain an independent lifestyle, and more importantly, remain in their own home. We’ve done a little research to identify safety devices and some pretty cool technology to help protect your loved one at home. Scroll down to find products under our various categories. Want your product listed? Let us know.

Bathroom & Bathing

  • Premium Bath Lift

    The bathtub is clearly one of the biggest reasons a bathroom can be so dangerous for someone with limited mobility. More specifically, stepping in and out of the bathtub can be the most difficult part. This device lifts you completely into the tub.

  • Walk in Tub

    For anyone with limited mobility, the bathroom can present a special set of challenges. Hard, slippery surfaces make falls an all too common occurrence and prevent people from enjoying full accessibility to their bathtub. Eliminate the fall risk by installing a walk in tub featuring a high seat that will allow you to relax while fully submerged in warm water.

  • Shower & Tub Assistant

    This 42” double rail handle will reach from the outside of your standard tub or shower and extend 42” to the inside allowing you to hold onto the strong and sturdy hand rail every step you make entering and exiting. The strong and sturdy hand rail is “secured” and will not move or rotate, giving you the support and confidence you need and greatly reduces the risk of slipping and falling

  • Shower Chair

    A Shower Chair with support handles and rubber grips makes standing up or sitting down much easier. Many have reinforced mesh seats that are both comfortable and easy to clean. Anti-slip rubber feet provides added security too.

  • Secure Tub Grip

    Imagine a locking mechanism that provides reliable stability for stepping in and out of the tub more safely. The unit’s lock lever and suction pads ensure a tight fit to the tub and the ergonomic handle provides optimal support and comfort.

  • Tub Transfer Bench

    This bench extends over the tub side to allow you to first sit securely on the bench and then slide over the tub side to the center of the tube. You can simply lift your legs over the side while in a seated position. This product significantly reduces the risk of falling when stepping in and out of a tub.

  • Toilet Seat Riser

    The elderly, as well as those recovering from hip or knee surgeries, have trouble lowering themselves down to sit on the toilet. They, and their caregivers, will appreciate the convenience and safety features of a Toilet Riser. It is a permanent riser installed beneath the existing toilet foundation. Your toilet sits on top of it to make the toilet a few inches higher. It makes getting down and up much easier.

  • Toilet Lift

    Imagine a functional, unobtrusive solution to toileting independently. A battery-powered lift mimics a natural standing movement, gently lowering and raising the user on and off the toilet at the simple touch of a button. The compact design appearance ensures it fits into any bathroom setting. With minimal installation, the toilet lift can be placed over an existing toilet.


Bedroom & Sleeping

  • Get Out of Bed System

    This secured dual hand rail process makes getting out of bed much easier and safer. In addition, this product can greatly reduce the possibility of falling around the bedside. This system consists of two products working together as a “System” allowing the person to use two handles assisting them to a full standing position beside the bed.

  • Adjustable Bed Rail

    A Bed Rail gives an aging person support getting out of bed, and also prevents falls from the bedside. After caregivers install the bed rail it can be adjusted to a preferred length. The rail also folds down and out of the way when it isn’t in use and can be installed on either side of the bed in between the mattress and box spring.

  • Bedcane

    Smaller than a bed rail, this product makes it easy for aging adults to get in and out of bed. A small but sturdy bed rail designed for senior home care and accessibility, the bedcane is strong and reliable.

  • Overhead Bed Trapeze System

    An overhead bed trapeze support system helps keep the elderly safe and independent and at the same time reduces risk of injury to the caregiver. Heavy-duty, free-standing system over the existing bed with a long trapeze bar, pivoting assist rails, attached balance pole, overhead lighting, etc. Options include over-the-mattress nightstands, TV Mount, reading lights, bed wedges- even a bed transfer bar for people with little or no leg strength.

  • Automatically Repositioning Bed

    This is an incredible idea for bedbound seniors at risk for developing pressure sores due to prolonged pressure on bony prominences. This product relieves the caregiver’s burden of constantly repositioning the elderly mother or father in bed. The bed manually or automatically turns the bed-user to different stable sleeping positions without the aid of the caregiver. The bed closely mimics the body’s natural nocturnal motion by mechanically repositioning it in order to re-establish blood flow to compressed tissue and thus prevent the formation of life-threatening bedsores and other complications of immobility.

  • Pressure Relieving Air Mattress

    Another great way to reduce the risk of bedsores with bedbound seniors is by having an air mattress bed. Pressure relief mattress and bed pad systems prevent pressure ulcers, commonly called bed sores or pressure sores, by dispersing pressure away from bone protrusions via alternating pressure. Most systems utilize air chambers in their mattresses or pads


Home And Household

  • Stair Ramps

    Help your loved one remain in their home for as long as possible. Consider installing ramps so they can avoid hazardous stairs and descend external and internal residential elevation changes safely.

  • Position Chair Lift

    This product is a recliner that also tilts forward to assist with getting out of the chair.

  • Electric Power Stair Lift

    Stay in your two story home longer with this safe and efficient lift to gently take you up and down the stairs in the comfort of a chair.

  • Residential Vertical Lift

    Stay in your home longer with a vertical lift to safely move you and your mobility scooter up and down elevation changes at home.

  • Chair Help Mate

    If your parent needs help getting up from a chair or recliner, there are devices out there that give them something to pull-on to get themselves to a full standing position. They also can use it to hold onto while preparing to sit down. Most are adjustable to any height making it comfortable for anyone, regardless of their disabilities.

  • Support Stool

    Easily reach cupboards, light bulbs and more! A secure, foam-gripped handle helps your loved one balance when stepping and standing.

  • Automatic Swing Door Opener

    The automatic swing door opener is ideal for elders with mobility issues. The swing door opener is perfect for external and interior doors of almost any type including wooden, metal and fiberglass. The system works with the push of a button and features a manual locking system. Seniors with walkers or wheelchairs do not have to struggle to open and close doors because the automatic swing door opener does it for them.

  • Lamp Switch Turner

    The lamp switch turner makes it easy for seniors to turn on lamps. The product simply slides right over the existing switch to provide an easy, stress-free grasp. They are easy to install and require no electrical connections.

  • Talking Thermostat

    This is a great product for seniors and persons who are blind, visually impaired or disabled. Talking thermostats announce day, time, room temperature and temperature setting. Many have audio instructions for programing. A talking thermostat is designed to make life easy because it verbally tells you how to program it, with clear, concise step-by-step instructions.


Mobility Vehicles & Power Scooters

  • Wheelchair Van

    A wheelchair conversion van is perfect for caregivers, veterans and people with disabilities. Many have a manual, in-floor ramp, side-entry benefits and flexible seating options. They can be an extremely safe and reliable vehicle for wheelchair users of all sizes. A mobility vehicle removes the daily stress and strain of multiple wheelchair lifts and simplifies the logistics of transporting loved ones.

  • Power Wheel Chair

    Move around safely and comfortably with a power wheel chair with excellent speed, range and tight turning radius.

  • Power Scooter

    There are many excellent 3 and 4 wheel power scooters to assist a loved one with mobility and independence.

  • Scooter Lifts

    For those using scooters or wheelchairs, consider a lift to prevent back injuries of family and caregivers. Many lifts are adaptable to multiple types of vehicles.


Security, Safety & Falls

  • Cordless Bed Alarm & Pad

    A bed alarm alerts you when someone who is a fall risk due to poor safety awareness, unsteady gait, etc. needs help when getting out of bed. The alarm allows you to get to them fast whenever they try to get out of bed alone. You can set it up to only alert the caregiver remotely so as not to startle or upset the elder. You can also have it alarm bedside to remind the elder to wait for assistance.

  • Door Alarm

    Consider a door alarm for the wandering Alzheimer’s patient. It is a simple and inexpensive way to keep your loved one safe.

  • Slip Free Strips

    Prevent falls and slips on stairs, wood floors, tile, etc with simple to install tape that creates a “sand paper” texture on the floor to increase friction.

  • Power Failure Alarm with Flashlight

    A wonderful and not often thought of safety device is an alarming flashlight that is activated during a power failure. The alarm sounds and a flashlight comes on automatically in order to help the senior find the alarm and push a button to silence the alarm. The senior can pull the alarm out of the outlet and use the flashlight to find their way around during the outage to prevent falls.


Medical Alert, Video & Sound Monitoring Systems

  • Medical Alert System

    One of the best products to protect your loved one is a medical alert system that can be worn on a wrist or neckless. When your loved one pushes the button to call for help an emergency operator is talking to them within moments to quickly assess the situation and contact family, neighbors and emergency services if necessary.

  • Video & Sound Monitoring Systems

    With smart phone apps and wireless technology, there are a number of affordable video and sound monitoring systems to keep an eye on your loved one from your phone or computer. What better comfort and security than being able to see your parent in real time. You will of course be sensitive to privacy concerns and arrange the cameras accordingly.

  • Health Sensor Monitors

    Technology now exists to help monitor chronic or at-risk patients with wearable sensors that collect real-time health data and movement. The device monitors cardiac health, blood pressure and amount of sleep using a lightweight wearable sensor. Data is sent to a smartphone and, from there, to the cloud-based platform, which can be accessed by physicians at any time.


Cool Safety Gadgets for Aging Parents

  • Big Button Cell Phone

    Some seniors get confused with tiny cell phones. A big button cell phone may be a great solution to ensure they can reach you when needed. Also, make sure it is pre-programmed to eliminate difficulties remembering numbers. Place an easy to read chart that reminds them of the short cuts (i.e. speed dial number assignments)

  • Big Button TV Remotes

    Simplify your loved ones life and remove the frustration with tiny TV remote controls. There are some incredibly big universal remote controls on the market that make operating the TV and locating the remote control much easier.

  • House Cleaning Robots

    There are a number of smart automatic vacuum cleaners that quietly roam the house vacuuming up dust, animal hair, dropped food, etc. This is an excellent tool to help keep your loved one’s home clean. They can even be programmed to run at hours where they won’t create a fall hazard.

  • Shower Temperature Controls

    Afraid your parent may get burned in the tub or shower? A temperature-activated flow reducer is relatively low-tech and inexpensive gadget that does work. (Search for it online using the key words temperature-activated flow reducer). A screw-on faucet attachment prevents burns by shutting off the water from a sink or shower if it gets too hot.

  • Automatic Pill Reminders & Dispensers

    Concerned your parent is either over or under medicating? Fortunately, many devices available now can remind your parents to take their pills and keep them from getting their prescriptions scrambled. These range from pillboxes with alarms and timers to services that will send your parents medication reminders by phone, e-mail, or pager. Some, for example, are a monitored dispenser that you or a caregiver can load and refill, and your parents can dispense all their pills right on time, with one touch of a button. Some even monitor your parents’ pillbox electronically and alert a dispatcher if the lid isn’t opened when it’s supposed to be. Do an Internet search for medication reminder for a tour of the many options and find the one that’s the best fit for your parents.

  • Safe Cooking Systems

    Many of us are concerned our loved one might forget to turn off the stove. A simple solution is to install a product that covers existing stove-top burners that limit how hot they can get and automatically shuts them off if they reach a certain temperature or have been left on too long.

  • Door Bell and Telephone Flashing Light Signaler

    If your parents are getting hard of hearing, a device that enables a ringing doorbell or phone to trigger a flashing light — including existing house lamps and special strobes for rooms where lamps aren’t generally used — lets them know when they have a call or visitors have arrived. Search for one online using terms such as doorbell and hard of hearing.

  • High Tech Monitoring Systems

    A number of high-tech monitoring systems on the market now do what you can’t: watch over your parents to make sure that nothing out of the ordinary is happening — and report in to you, your computer, or a dispatcher when something does (for example, one of your parents goes into the bathroom and still hasn’t come out an hour later). How about installing a camera on the front door so you can see who is knocking on your parent’s door.


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