Know your CCRC Rights

Know Your CCRC Rights

  • Right to not be deprived of any civil or legal right, benefit, or privilege guaranteed by law, by the California Constitution, or by the United States Constitution solely by reason of status as a resident of a community.
  • Right to visit each of the different care levels and to inspect assisted living and skilled nursing home licensing reports including, but not limited to, the most recent inspection reports and findings of complaint investigations covering a period of no less than two years, prior to signing a continuing care contract.
  • Right to live in an attractive, safe, and well maintained physical environment.
  • Right to live in an environment that enhances personal dignity, maintains independence, and encourages self-determination.
  • Right to participate in activities that meet individual physical, intellectual, social, and spiritual needs.
  • Right to expect effective channels of communication between residents and staff, and between residents and the administration or provider’s governing body.
  • Right to receive a clear and complete written contract that establishes the mutual rights and obligations of the resident and the continuing care retirement community.
  • Right to manage his or her financial affairs.
  • Right to be assured that all donations, contributions, gifts, or purchases of provider-sponsored financial products shall be voluntary, and may not be a condition of acceptance or of ongoing eligibility for services.
  • Right to maintain and establish ties to the local community.
  • Right to organize and participate freely in the operation of independent resident organizations and associations.

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